Monday, October 18, 2010

IP4 Is Almost Done For

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It seems that the standard 4 octet of IP addresses (ie is coming to an end. Soon, the new technology will be coming with IP6 addresses, which while have a larger range that can be addressed will cause a bigger headache.

Why the headache you ask? The headache will lie with big businesses that have to translate the IP6 addresses to work with IP4 and vice versa.

So while the IP4 addresses are almost gone, the age of IP6 is dawning upon us and it isn't going to be an easy transition!


MTL beer said...

Well we didn't really have a choice, I mean with more and more people using the internet, we need IPv6

ilikeicecream said...

IP4 is done huh

tipster said...

IPv6 , we're waiting for you !