Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Alive Again

Back in March, the nation's 2nd largest electronics retailer went under. Everyone though Circuit City was out after the liquidation of all of its merchandise and closed all of there stores. Well Circuit City's website is back up and running again. It seems that Systemax has bought the Circuit City name and has relaunched the said website above on May 19th, but Systemax bought the rights on May 13th for roughly $14 million.

It seems that Systemax is looking to snatch up any failing electronics retailers (such as CompUSA and TigerDirect). If this keeps up, who knows, maybe Fry's will be next on the list if they are starting to strugle.

Let's see how long this lasts after millions of people were outraged by the "low" prices that the original Circuit City had during their original closing. Personally, when CompUSA went under, I continued on with my life with either NewEgg or BestBuy. When CompUSA was bought by Systemax it couldn't convince me to think about where I go to get my electronics. Only time will tell if the consumers trust can be regained! Though something tells me that this may take a while to regain that trust.