Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damn Piece Of Shit

Well there is never a dull moment here at Cal U. I have just noticed that my damn power supply in my computer is taking a shit on me. So, I've dropped about $100 on a new Antec NeoPower 650W power supply. Hopefully it will last longer than 2 years!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost There & Follow Up

Well it is that time again. It is time for the summer to end and time to go back to this thing that I like to call college. Although it is the final year of my undergrad career. The one thing that sucks is that I have unpack everything that I packed and took home in May. Our dorms don't let us keep our stuff in there even if we are keeping the same room. It really makes no sense at all in my view.

Now to revisit the last post I made about I did receive a reply to my message. They needed to know which offers were pending so I did list them, and now I'm guessing that it will take another month for them to reply to this one.

Well its back to the real world for me!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eggy Angry!!!!

I just want to state that I'm very angry at the moment. A site called CashKrazy is annoying the hell out of me. In order to cash out, you need $400 dollars to claim what you have earned. Well I have $267 earned with $287.50 pending. The problem is that the pending amount has been like that for 2days and the site claims to clear pending funds in 2-24 hours. Well I'll see if that ever happens. I'll post an update here if anything happens!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sony Loves to Kick Itself In the Ass

An article posted on has the boss of Sony calling the Wii as an expensive niche item. I would like to add my own lighter fluid to this fire. The Wii is selling more because it has games that appeal to every one. In face, the Wii has GAMES period. The game library of the Playstation 3 is weak unless you have a backwards capible version of the console.

Until Sony can market something other than a 'cheap blu-ray player', I don't want to hear it anymore Sony. Nintendo can back up their console in the number of units sold. Just because you're in third place doesn't mean that you can't call the leader of the current console war a 'non-competitor'.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Doesn't Feel The Same

Well it has been one week since coming back from Myrtle Beach,SC and all I have to say is that I miss it a little bit. That was my first time going out to the ocean and I must say that it was a blast. Sure, I got burnt on a few occasions but it really wasn't bad. It gave me a good chance to even out my farmer's tan that I have had for ages. I'll post pics sometime this week. Especially the one where a plane crashed into the ocean!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy Summer

This is just more of an update post if anything. I would just like to put out there that I'm currently in North Carolina for a mini vacation within my last summer break of my undergrad college career. I'm going to be in NC until the beginning of August then its back to Lake City (PA) for roughly 3 more weeks then back to college!

Video Games: Just Because You're HD Doesn't Mean You're the Best - Associated Content

Video Games: Just Because You're HD Doesn't Mean You're the Best - Associated Content: "Even though the Wii isn't a high definition console, it is doing something that the other 2 consoles haven't been able to do at all;"

It seems that the Wii is the king at the moment. To find out why though, please click the link above to read on