Thursday, January 15, 2009

College Students and The Brain

When someone enters college you usually expect them to be somewhat intelligent since they actually made it to college. Well, yesterday that myth was finally busted. No, I’m not talking about something alcohol related. I’m talking about a false fire alarm at 4 a.m. Usually when people hear a fire alarm, they will usually flee to the nearest exited and escaped from any potential harm. Well, when it comes to California University of Pennsylvania students that really isn’t the case.

Take into account my roommate (Tom); it took him about 5 minutes just to find a pair of pants to use since it was about 7 degrees outside. Me on the other hand just heard the alarm go off after it was mentioned to me and went back to bed with the cover thrown over my head.

So it seems that depending where you go, fire alarms mean different things. Or it just might be the fact that no one gives a damn when the alarm goes off at 4 in the damn morning!

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